Get Ready to Vote: Community Elections Run 7 March through 18 March

Huh? What are we Electing?

In case you missed it, the Drupal community is electing one candidate to serve a two-year term on the Drupal Association Board of Directors. There are two At-Large (community elected) seats on the Board. The other seat is currently held by Addison Berry.

DrupalCon Asia: Back from the Future

DrupalCon Asia group photoI spent most of last week on the campus of IIT Bombay for the first DrupalCon Asia. Frankly, it changed my Drupal life, and I'd like to share why.

An inside look at our Events team

The Drupal Association's Events team is made up of 4 people who plan DrupalCons around the world. These are their bios.

Let's meet the 2016 board candidates

Nominations are now closed for the single At-Large seat on the Association Board of Directors. We have an astounding number of candidates from all over the world running for this seat. We're thrilled that so many of you are so invested in our community that you're taking this step. As with any election, we want to have an informed electorate.

Global Training Days - February 2016 Summary

We kicked off the 2016 Global Training Days on February 5th. Twenty-two sites held a training in 11 countries.

Membership Drive 2015 recap

From October 13 to December 30, 2015, we ran our biggest membership drive campaign ever. We did a lot of experimenting and I want to share some results and learnings with you.

But first, I'll tell you about our program. Drupal Association membership is for anyone who uses Drupal, and anyone who wants to support our community and the project through a donation of membership dues. Membership is one way to contribute to Drupal, but it is by no means the only way.

2016 Nominations Open for Drupal Association At-Large Director


It’s a great time to be part of the Drupal Association. We’ve done some amazing work in the last few years, and we’re in a great position to work with the community to continue to improve and grow fully into our mission. As a Drupal Association At-Large Director, you’d be in the center of the action.

Happy Birthday, Drupal!

Happy birthday, Drupal community! Today is the Drupal project's 15th birthday. In honor of the upcoming year, we've put together a retrospective of some of the incredible changes and accomplishments we made together last year.

12 Days of Drupal Community: Mike Anello

The Drupal community is full of people who make the world a brighter place. This series is about the community members who participated in our 2015 membership drive. Meet Mike Anello (ultimike).

What’s new on - December 2015

Look at our Strategic Roadmap highlighting how this work falls into our priorities set by the Drupal Association Board.

The Engineering team finished out 2015 with some quick wins, some planning for the new year, and some time spent catching our breath. With the December holidays wrapped in as well, this will be a bit of a shorter update. But after a frenetic November supporting the Drupal 8 release, a quieter December was just what the team needed to close the book on the year.


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