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Drupal Association Membership: What You Give and What You Get

Individual Member badgeDrupal community members are supporters of the Drupal Association because they want to support the Drupal project and DA membership is an easy way to do so. When you join or renew, you get more than just good karma, and you give Drupal more than just member funds.

Thank You to the 2012 Drupal Camps Around the World

In 2012, the Drupal Association began an initiative to engage with Drupal camp organizers to create a channel of communication and also promotion of DA programs that help foster and support the Drupal community. This year, the DA connected with organizers around the world to spread the word about grantsscholarshipsDrupalConsGlobal Training Days, and DA membership as far as possible. Even the big Drupal balloon attended some sessions at DrupalCamp Atlanta this fall. 

We plan to continue this collaboration and do even more for camp organizers in the coming year and I want to share some resources with you that are available right now for anyone who wants to organize a Drupal Camp. In addition, check out this list of 2012 camp sessions and slides. By compiling these links for you, I hope it helps you learn more about our active worldwide Drupal community and also see what other camps are doing.

Helping The Drupal Community By Spreading The Word Through Camps

In the DA Member survey this spring, community members answered the question What could/should the Drupal Association be doing (that it’s not currently doing) to build up memberships? Our survey respondents told us that it would be good to promote the Drupal Association and membership program better, and more frequently, than we’ve been doing.

Tell us what you think in the Membership Survey

Like a healthy plant, our membership program needs TLC to grow. The Drupal Association has grown in the past few years, and in order for it to continue to do so (and thrive!) the membership program needs your feedback. We know you have opinions! Please share them.

I am the new membership coordinator and I have put together a survey of just under 20 questions (and fewer if you are in the Drupal community but don’t yet have a membership). It won’t be painful, I promise!

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