Many thanks to the Drupal Association’s Supporting Partners! - Q4

“We cannot do what we do, especially for, without your funding support. Thank you!” - Megan Sanicki, Executive Director

There are many ways you can contribute to the Drupal Community. One way is being a part of the Supporting Partner Program. Supporting Partners fund and the engineering team who make the improvements you continuously see on - the home of the Drupal community and Project.

DrupalCon Sprint Adjustments

As Drupal, the Project, keeps growing and changing, so does DrupalCon. As the Events Team at the Drupal Association, we are continually working to improve the event - to strengthen the programming and to better fit the needs of attendees. Over the past year, we've heard through both formal and informal conversations that DrupalCon sprints are ready for a change.

A consistent topic in those conversations was that Extended Sprints, held on weekends before and after DrupalCon, may be too much...

Drupal Association Financial Statements for Q3 2016

We normally share  our financial statements in posts about public board meetings, since that is the time when board members approve the statements. However, I wanted to give this quarter’s update its own blog post. We’ve made many changes to improve our sustainability over the last few months and I am fully embracing our value of communicating with transparency by giving insight into our progress.

Drupal Association November 22 Board Meeting Update

Today we held the last Board meeting of the year. We met virtually via Zoom and covered two important topics. The first one was a presentation by Angie Byron, who serves on the Technical Advisory Committee. She gave an update on the group’s current tooling study along with next steps, which will include a community blog post where members can provide input on the various tool options being studied.

Buy The Gift of Drupal

We’re raising funds for 2017 Drupal community programs by clearing out our Drupal merchandise. Everything must go to make room for new things to come. What better time for a big Drupal swag sale, than holiday time! Give your friend, co-worker, or favorite module maintainer a Drupal hoodie, coffee mug, t-shirt, and more.

All merchandise is 50% off. Just use the coupon code BUYBYE. Sale ends 12/31!

Eight of the best-reviewed drupal modules for web developers

The following post was written by Ashley Cummings of Drupal Association Premium Hosting Supporter, Bluehost.

The future of Community Summit. Help drive us forward.

Come for the code, stay for the community. That’s the mantra of the Drupal community. It’s the reason many of us are here. It’s why we contribute in our spare time, spend our weekends organizing Drupal events, attend week-long DrupalCons. As a community we are continuing to grow and change, just like the project. DrupalCon programming should be changing too.

Take aways from our first DrupalCon: Options for everyone

The following post was written by Drupal Association Premium Hosting Supporter,

Public Board Meeting Update

On September 28, 2016, The Drupal Association board hosted a public board meeting during DrupalCon Dublin. It was wonderful to connect with the community in person to share updates and answer questions.

Over the last few months, we provided an update on The Association’s current focus followed by department-specific updates. This board meeting shared highlights of specific areas including:


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