“We cannot do what we do, especially for Drupal.org, without your funding support. Thank you!” - Megan Sanicki, Executive Director

There are many ways you can contribute to the Drupal Community. One way is being a part of the Supporting Partner Program. Supporting Partners fund Drupal.org and the engineering team who make the improvements you continuously see on Drupal.org - the home of the Drupal community and Project.

The engineering team has been hard at work in Q4 on several things from the roadmap.

For more details, follow the Drupal.org blog and feel free to watch the latest Public Board Meeting.

Big Thank You

Drupal Association Supporting Partners help keep Drupal.org future-ready. We would like to thank our new and renewing Supporting Partners from this quarter.

  1. Adyax
  2. Anexus IT
  3. Ashday
  4. Avalara
  5. Bellcom
  6. Berger Schmidt
  7. Breakthrough Technologies
  8. Capgemini
  9. Celebrate Drupal
  10. Chapter Three
  11. Chromatic
  12. Comm-press
  13. Crew.co
  14. Davyin Internet Solutions
  15. Dropsolid
  16. Druid
  17. Duo Consulting
  18. Exove
  19. Faichi Solutions
  20. GoDaddy
  21. Inclind
  22. Innoppl Inc.
  23. Inviqa
  24. Koriolis
  25. Lightcrest
  26. Microserve
  27. Mobomo
  28. New Target
  29. NorthPoint Digital
  30. One Shoe Interactive
  31. OPTASY
  32. Osforce
  33. Outsourcing Technology Inc.
  34. Previous Next
  35. Softescu
  36. Spry Digital
  37. SymSoft Solutions
  38. Technocrat
  39. The Brick Factory
  40. undpaul
  41. Vector Media Group

Our Supporting Partners, Technology Supporters, and Hosting Supporters help us make Drupal.org  a great site for our community and Drupal evaluators. They also become some of the best-known Drupal contributors. Read about the program benefits. If you are not yet a Supporting Partner and want to give back to Drupal while receiving benefits, please contact our Executive Director, Megan Sanicki, for details.