DrupalCon Sprint Adjustments

As Drupal, the Project, keeps growing and changing, so does DrupalCon. As the Events Team at the Drupal Association, we are continually working to improve the event - to strengthen the programming and to better fit the needs of attendees. Over the past year, we've heard through both formal and informal conversations that DrupalCon sprints are ready for a change.

A consistent topic in those conversations was that Extended Sprints, held on weekends before and after DrupalCon, may be too much...

Call for Designer Partners for 2017 European DrupalCon

The Drupal Association is seeking a Design Partner for creative and graphic design services for the 2017 European DrupalCon. We’re looking for people who understand that each DrupalCon is a singular expression of the Drupal community, DrupalCon location, software innovation, and extreme nerdiness and know how to turn this into compelling designs that are functional, fun, and make people look twice.

The Design Partner’s main responsibilities include:

DrupalCon Keynotes: We Want to Hear From You!

Keynote imageWhat gets you up in the morning at DrupalCon? The smell of fresh brewed coffee filling the conference halls? First shift of booth duty?

Or is it the keynotes?

On Wednesday and Thursday morning, DrupalCons typically feature technology thought leaders like Jared Spool, Karen McGrane, and Jeremy Keith to kick off the conference that day.

2014 DrupalCon Sponsorships Now Available

DrupalCon logosIt’s that time of year when we turn our eye toward 2014 plans and budgets. Is sponsoring DrupalCon Austin or DrupalCon Amsterdam on your list?

DrupalCon Austin - June 2 - 6, 2014
DrupalCon Amsterdam - 29 September - 3 October, 2014

DrupalCon CXO: Growing Drupal Businesses

DrupalCons are designed to serve many types of community members through various tracks and special events. And, one group the event serves is the Drupal Business Owner, important because their companies provide community members with careers, they help grow Drupal adoption one client at a time, and they innovate the Project with their contributions. They also provide funding for camps and DrupalCons through their sponsorships.

Making of a DrupalCon: How Sites Are Selected

Earth imageIn this third installment of The Making of a DrupalCon series, we thought we’d share how sites are selected.

The Making of a Con: A Look at Costs

Pie chartThis is the second in an occasional blog series called "The Making of a Con." You can read the first post about roles and responsibilities here.

The Making of a DrupalCon: It’s All About Teamwork

Prague logoThis is the second in a series called "The Making of a DrupalCon." You can read the first in the series here

If you have been to a DrupalCon, you can probably imagine the effort it takes to make this world-class event happen. From the opening of registration to the closing session, putting on a successful DrupalCon requires planning, execution and above all, teamwork. In a nutshell, this team is a monumental collaboration between Drupal Association staff and community members. This post will explain a bit about what this team looks like and who does what.

Guest Post: Why We Sponsored DrupalCon & What We Learned

Calvin ScharffsToday's guest post is by Calvin Scharffs, VP of Marketing and Product Development, Lingotek, a website translation solution. For more information about Lingotek and Drupal, please visit https://drupal.org/project/lingotek

The Making of a DrupalCon: Where Should We Go Next?

We are launching a blog series: The Making of a DrupalCon which will highlight the great community feedback we are receiving and how we are using it to evolve DrupalCon. And, we will explain the processes we are using to make these exciting changes.


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