Nominations have now closed. See the Candidates!

This update contains important details about "Meet the candidate" sessions, who can vote and how to vote. I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the candidates for putting themselves forward. Their names, with links to their profiles, and nominations are at the end of this post.

Board members for the Drupal association are selected in two ways. Most board members are people recommended by the nominating committee to bring specific skills and experience to the table. However two members are elected by the community. These elections are designed to fill those two community "At Large" positions.

Meet the Candidate Sessions

Note: If you are a candidate and none of these times work for you please let Donna Benjamin (kattekrab) know as soon as you can.

Meetings are scheduled to take place at these times using IRC and the Drupal Association teleconference facility.

Meet the Candidate Sessions

  UTC time US Pacific time Australian Eastern time Outcomes
Session 1 8pm Tues 18 Sep 1pm Tues 18 Sep 6am Wed
19 Sep
Session 1 Questions & Discussion
Session 2 8pm Wed 19 Sep 1pm Wed 19 Sep 6am Thu
20 Sep
Session 2 Questions & Discussions *
Session 3 10am Thu 20 Sep 3am Thu 20 Sep 8pm Thu
20 Sep
Session 3 Questions & Discussions *
Session 4 10am Fri 21 Sep 3am Fri 21 Sep 8pm Fri
21 Sep
Session 4 Questions & Discussions

  * includes chat log and audio recording

Times were selected using

IRC channel

#drupal-association on the freenode network

For more information on how to participate via IRC see or join in via the web interface

Teleconf dial-in details

Information on how to dial in to the teleconference voice service is on the Association website here:

Voting is open 24 Sep 2012 - 7 Oct 2012

Who can vote?

You are eligible to vote if you have an account on, logged in during the past 12 months, and created your account before 31 August 2012 when the election was announced.

How to vote?

How does voting work?

Voting uses the "Instant Runoff" method powered by the Decisions module. For more about this method of voting, watch this helpful YouTube video which explains it with post-it notes!

Election 2013 Candidates

In the order they submitted their nominations... Full name links to nomination statement, username links to profile on

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Hey - so i did a little bit of thinking (...)

How about we use a #votedrupal for filtering all the twitter noise?
That would make it easy to figure out whats going on + we dont drive people totally crazy with all this "vote vote vote vote"

Anyways its a suggestion. Use it if you like, im gonna :)


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re: #votedrupal. Do it!