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International outreach is something that's very important to us, and also something we constantly struggle with. So I'm happy to see that reflected in your motivation statement.

Could you elaborate on your qualifications that make you uniquely suited to help us with this outreach effort?

Could you also expand on your previous board experience? Was this in fundraising, event management, operations, other?

And finally, how do you see yourself fitting in as a board member, and what main things are you hoping to tackle within the DA?

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Hi Angie,

A vast majority of my consulting career (the past 28 years) has been focused on international - so my perspective is global by the very nature of the work that I have been doing. I've had the pleasure of working with large multinational corporations that span multiple continents - as well as small organizations that are focused in specific geographical regions. I have lived/worked in South Korea, Japan, China/Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, London, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam - and have worked closely to support my clients who have operations in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the former Soviet bloc, and South America.

With my international work comes a deep understanding of three critical areas: cultural differences that exist across borders, business practices that vary between countries, and the economic realities of first, second, and third world countries. While we are truly one world - one people, there are differences and organizations like the DO need to be aware of those differences and govern accordingly.

I also know that many parts of the world are not at the same level of technical maturity or knowledge as the West. In the West we talk as though the entire world is on the same level as we are, when the reality is that is not true.

So what I bring is 28years of experience (Andersen Consulting/Accenture, Oracle Corporation, IBM, etc.) of working with organizations of all sizes - across 6 continents - dealing with technology and business. I would love to apply that global view to the DO.

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Thanks, Todd!

I think these details are helpful, because all too often our community assumes that hailing from the US = having an American-centric viewpoint on the world.

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Hi Todd,

In 50 words or less, what will you bring to the board of the Drupal Association?

- Donna

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36 years in the IT industry, global experience, prior board positions, non-profits, professor/teacher, live/eat/sleep Drupal.

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As the Drupal Association I believe that we have the opportunity to significantly impact the acceptance and adoption of Drupal as an ecosystem - helping organizations around the world reach their potential, by leveraging the intellectual equity that has been so graciously given to our amazing community. The vast majority of our world does not enjoy the luxuries of the western world - especially when it comes to technology. What we take for granted in western cultures is often nothing more than a dream in vast sections of the world (Africa, Asia/Pacific, South America, the Middle East, the former Soviet block countries). Drupal has the potential to enable capabilities that were once a dream - changing the very foundation of the economies of third and second world countries. It can enable non-profits and NGOs in ways that were unaffordable in the past -- reaching people of need, helping those who need help the most. As a board member my passion is to enable those who share the passion of Drupal and the impact that it can have on the world. My global experience, having worked in the IT industry for the past 36 years, having worked as a senior executive at several major IT companies, and having sat on the boards of other non-profits and private sector companies well position me to help the DA grow, focus, and support our community.