Election Results

Our second community election process to choose two at-large Directors for the board of the Drupal Association concluded with the successful election of Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen (mortendk) of Denmark and Pedro Cambra (pcambra) of Spain. The result was ratified today by the Drupal Association board. Morten and Pedro's terms begin on 1st November 2012. Steve Purkiss and Donna Benjamin will continue to sit on the board until our terms expire in February 2013.

Vote Drupal 2013

Voting is Open!

Voting is open until 23:59UTC 7 Oct 2012 at https://association.drupal.org/vote2013

Who can vote?

You are eligible to vote if you have an account on drupal.org, logged in during the past 12 months, and created your account before 31 August 2012 when the election was announced.

Update Election 2013

Nominations have now closed. See the Candidates!

This update contains important details about "Meet the candidate" sessions, who can vote and how to vote. I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the candidates for putting themselves forward. Their names, with links to their drupal.org profiles, and nominations are at the end of this post.

Election Announcement

Update: 20 Sep 2012 - Meet the Candidates sessions underway.
Schedule https://association.drupal.org/election2013-update
Logs & Recordings Session 1 - Session 2 - Session 3 - Session 4

Update: 19 Sep 2012 - Candidates Announced!
Update: 17 Sep 2012 - Nominations are now closed.

It's Time!

The Drupal Association board is calling for nominations for elections for "At Large" Directors for 2013.

In February the Drupal Association conducted our first ever broad based elections.

The nominating committee is starting the search to fill our other vacant board positions, but it's up to members of the community to select Directors to represent the community at large on the board.

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