Update: 20 Sep 2012 - Meet the Candidates sessions underway.

Schedule https://association.drupal.org/election2013-update

Logs & Recordings Session 1 - Session 2 - Session 3 - Session 4

Update: 19 Sep 2012 - Candidates Announced!

Update: 17 Sep 2012 - Nominations are now closed.

It's Time!

The Drupal Association board is calling for nominations for elections for "At Large" Directors for 2013.

In February the Drupal Association conducted our first ever broad based elections.

The nominating committee is starting the search to fill our other vacant board positions, but it's up to members of the community to select Directors to represent the community at large on the board.

Election Timeline

  • Sep 1-16 Nominations open
  • Sep 17-23 Statements, Questions, Meet the Candidates sessions
  • Sep 24-Oct 7 Voting
  • Oct 10 Ratify results at board meeting

All candidates must be prepared to attend at least one session to "Meet the candidates" taking place in the week of September 17-23. These will be scheduled across many timezones to make it easier for people around the world to engage with the process.

How to submit a nomination

Go to https://association.drupal.org/node/add/nomination

For details on what's involved see

and provide the following details:

Full name

Please provide your full name.

About Me

Tell us about yourself! Your background, how you got into Drupal, etc.


Why are you applying for a board position? What initiatives do you hope to help drive, or what perspectives are you going to try and represent?


Do you have previous board, fundraising, or governance experience? Tell us about your experience that will be valuable in serving on the Drupal Association board.

Travel Tick box

I am able to travel to four in-person board meetings per year (either self-funded, or with financial sponsorship)

Once elected, directors will be expected to participate in monthly board meeting conference calls, and attend four in-person meetings.

Based on feedback from our last election, we know we need more time for voting, so the polls will be open for two weeks, instead of 5 days.

The election results will be ratified at a board meeting on 10 October 2012, and the new Directors will be invited to attend an in person meeting taking place in San Francisco on 5-6 November 2012, immediately following BADcamp.

Please help spread the word about these elections. Please think about standing as a candidate, or encourage someone you know to do so. Please participate in our "meet the candidates" sessions, or just send in your questions for them to answer.

When voting opens, vote, and tell everyone you know they should too.


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Thanks pcambra - very helpful :)

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and in addition to the links posted by pcambra - there is a wiki post on groups.drupal.org where we outlined issues about the last election. One of the main concerns being there was not enough time to vote. So the voting period is much longer this time around.

Election Process Retrospective

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thanks Chris!

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Is there a way to see who has already applied?

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I believe you will be able to see who has applied and question/review them starting Sept. 17th before voting begins.

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Yes that's correct. All the candidates will be published after nominations close.

From Sept 17-23 the election focus will be on giving all candidates an opportunity to share their reasons for nominating, and put forward their case for why we should vote for them.


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Exciting times ahead :) Looking forward to meeting the community next week and answering questions.


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Nominations close in less than 12 hours. When it's no longer 16 Sep 2012 anywhere.

That is Sunday 23:59 on the pacific island of Niue.

Or UTC Mon 10:59.

If anyone can point to an inhabited timezone closer to the dateline, then please let me know ASAP ;)

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