Senpai's blog D7 staging site finally ready for user acceptance demo by the entire Drupal community!

It's been six months since we started the D7 Upgrade Initiative, and in that time, we've made a lot of progress, improved a bunch of things about the site, and blown by three deadlines, the last of which was the "functionally complete" deadline of Oct 25th, 2012 (last Thursday). It is with sadness and hope that I tell you that we have not yet fully completed the upgrade; Since we didn't make this goal, we cannot schedule a re-launch of at this time.

International working sprint #2 post-sprint report

Three months ago, we began the D7 upgrade of our beloved and beleaguered D6 website by gathering about 20 to 30 of us together in Portland, OR for a week-long planning sprint. It was arduous, intense, and a lot of fun. Out of that week's worth of effort came documents, code, estimate, servers, tickets, and marching orders. Thrilled, we left Portland and got to work.

Two months later, we gathered the troops together again, but this time we did it internationally: London, Peru, and Portland! The focus and purpose of this sprint was to get people energized and moving again, determine how much had been done, and figure out what still remained to be upgraded.

It turns out we're getting close! There are large swaths of code that have been fully ported and are already functional, and there are lots of moving pieces which are settling into place and just need some polish and some love.

Here's what we've accomplished so far, and how close we are to the finish lines: D7 Upgrade working sprint (#2)

The D7 Upgrade initiative continues as promised with a second working sprint for any and all participants who wish to help upgrade our own website.

We'll be sprinting in a variety of venues across several countries simultaneously!

Our Website Is Stepping Up To Drupal 7

There's a new initiative in the wind to upgrade our own site to version 7, and look out, its flying on its own!

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