The D7 Upgrade initiative continues as promised with a second working sprint for any and all participants who wish to help upgrade our own website.

We'll be sprinting in a variety of venues across several countries simultaneously!

* Portland, OR (lead: Joel 'Senpai' Farris)
* London, UK (lead: Lewis 'lewisnyman' Nyman)
* Lima, Peru (lead: Marco 'marvil07' Villegas)
* Kampen, Netherlands (lead: Philip 'skilip' Vergunst)

There's Git work to be done, there's Project Suite work to be done, there's custom module code to port, Solr work to be done, and even some newly responsive Bluecheese theming work to do!

Attend this sprint physically or virtually, but attend it nonetheless, and help us help you! Please sign up for this sprint at