Drupal.org D7 staging site finally ready for user acceptance demo by the entire Drupal community!

It's been six months since we started the Drupal.org D7 Upgrade Initiative, and in that time, we've made a lot of progress, improved a bunch of things about the site, and blown by three deadlines, the last of which was the "functionally complete" deadline of Oct 25th, 2012 (last Thursday). It is with sadness and hope that I tell you that we have not yet fully completed the upgrade; Since we didn't make this goal, we cannot schedule a re-launch of drupal.org at this time.

We're close, but we're not done yet. However, we are at the point where we can show off our progress-to-date! The Drupal.org D7 site is finally ready for a user acceptance demo by the entire Drupal community! We're in the midst of setting up a staging server that can handle the stresses of the BADcamp Hordes in San Francisco next week, because the one we've got now surely cannot support this community's excited clicking!

What's Different, New, & Improved?

Here's what to look for in the new D7 version of drupal.org:

  1. Update.php has received several core bug fixes as a result of this site's upgrade, and the runtime has also been reduced from 36 hours to less than 12 hours.
  2. The homepage is a 1-to-1 port.
  3. Bluecheese is now a custom theme with full Sass + Compass compatibility. It is currently adaptive-friendly, and will be fully adaptive soon after the upgrade is complete.
  4. The Git versioncontrol code has reached a 2.0 stable codebase.
  5. User Dashboard is a 1-to-1 port.
  6. The Rules module was evaluated for it's multiple potential abilities, but was rejected for this upgrade in favor of speed. It can be brought into play immediately after the upgrade if desired, given that there's plenty of opportunities on the site for it to shine.
  7. Bluecheese now has a full complement of partials, giving new contributors the ability to edit just the section of CSS that corresponds to the section of the site they're focused on.
  8. Each type of issue (bug, task, feature request) now has it's own content type which enables the use of special fields unique to that type of content
  9. There's a new 'attached files' table on issue nodes which gives people the ability to see the last N patches|screenshots|diffs all in one place, and see who uploaded the file and whether it's passed the testbot or not.
  10. Bluecheese is now using Susy, which is going to make the theme very flexible and easier to maintain and adapt in the future.
  11. There is now a distinguishable difference between simply adding a comment to an issue vs. changing the elements of an issue such as status, assigned to, or title.
  12. Updating (changing) an issue:
  • In order to make changes to an issue, it is no longer necessary to add a comment. Simply edit (update) the issue and make any desired changes.
  • Anytime an issue is updated, a new comment containing a diff of the changed elements is automatically added to the issue node.
  • Whenever a new patch or screenshot (etc.) is uploaded, the issue is updated and the file is attached directly to the issue node instead of to the comment.
  • Issue nodes now diff the changes made to each field during a save, and instead of denying the ability to save a user's changes if someone else had saved their changes first, it now warns the user exactly what has changed and offers them the ability to manually merge their new additions or changes.

(As of Oct 31st, 2012, the above is a partial list, and new information is continually being added)

We will announce the URL of the new server at BADcamp.
[UPDATE 2012-11-05]The demo server is ready, check it out!
[UPDATE 2012-11-09] We've had to take the d7demo server offline for a day or two in order to fix some thrashing SQL queries. Fun stuff, but it'll be back soon enough.