Guest post: Notes from DrupalCamp Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg logoAdam Evertsson is the head honcho behind DrupalCamp Gothenburg two years in a row, member of the Swedish podcast Drupalsnack and always fond of the community, both locally and globally. He really came for the code and stayed for the community. 

Organising a DrupalCamp – blood, sweat and laughter

Guest blogger Tim Deeson shares camp organizing tips based on his experience organizing the first-ever DrupalCamp London this past March.

Drupalcamp.org donated to the Drupal Community

Today Noel Hidalgo donated and transferred the domains drupalcamp.org and drupalcamp.com to the Drupal Association. This is a generous donation that will help maintain consistency in our naming conventions, provide a space for drupalcamps to archive camp websites, and solved a critical issue for the Infrastructure team.

Application Process Opens Today For Drupal Community Cultivation Grants

Program Seeks to bolster community education and growth with new process

Building on a successful 2011 pilot program, the Drupal Association is opening a new application process for Drupal Community Cultivation Grants. The grants will assist organizers and leaders within the community that seek to transform, support, and educate Drupal communities around the world. The 2011 program awarded more than $20,000 to 17 projects all over the world in support of camps, training, sprints and a publication.

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