Program Seeks to bolster community education and growth with new process

Building on a successful 2011 pilot program, the Drupal Association is opening a new application process for Drupal Community Cultivation Grants. The grants will assist organizers and leaders within the community that seek to transform, support, and educate Drupal communities around the world. The 2011 program awarded more than $20,000 to 17 projects all over the world in support of camps, training, sprints and a publication.

New to the 2012 program is a rolling application process, eliminating grant cycles and deadlines so that support can be more responsive to the ongoing needs of groups and their event schedules. Another key program enhancement is a greater focus on emerging Drupal markets where there are few other options to fund programs. Proposed projects with no other available resources to implement will receive priority in funding decisions.

Funding Ideas

Drupal Community Cultivation Grants help fund creative projects and events that help the community grow by educating both inside and outside of the existing community. Examples of projects that demonstrate the mission of the grants include Drupal lecture series, sprints for newbies, and DrupalCamps.  

Application Process

Applications will be scored on how effective the project will be in building and supporting, and the level of impact to, the community.  Other criteria include the amount of the request, level of marketing efforts for the project, ability to measure the success of the project, and number of people who will benefit. Information and applications are available at: