The Drupal Association is creating landing pages to better serve each persona that visits You know...developers, CMS evaluators, job seekers, site administrators.

Plastic DrupliconWe are starting with a landing page for Site Builders, creating one page that shows the Site Builder’s lifecycle and provides the right content for them to easily move from newbie to site building awesomeness to joining the community and giving back. The landing page also has sponsored content like relevant and contextual ads to generate revenue that will help sustain improvements.

We have a few landing page wireframes that we want to test with new to intermediate sitebuilders. If you fit this profile, would you be willing to volunteer to do a user test or two...or three? One test takes 15 minutes of your time.

If you would like to volunteer your time, please fill out this form. We will close this form in one week and then select 15 volunteers who best fit the market research profile.

Thanks for considering!


Megan Sanicki, Associate Director
Drupal Association

Flickr photo: starryeyez024


lisarex’s picture

It's not clear from the subject line that you're looking for Usability study participants. At first I thought you were hiring site builders.

Looking forward to seeing the results of your study!