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Drupal.org team week notes #23: Drupal Dev Days Szeged

This week’s notes will be all about something unique, which happened last week: a 7 day long sprint for Drupal.org.

Drupal.org team week notes #22

Drupal.org improvements

As usual, a lot of big and small deployments happened on Drupal.org during the past 2 weeks. RTBC patches are now being automatically re-tested (thanks jthorson!). Module index page is back, as well as full pager on issue listings, except for text search pages (thanks drumm!).

There is a new block available in your Dashboard on Drupal.org - “Your security issues”. The block will display the issues you have access to on security.drupal.org. Thanks mlhess and drumm!

Drupal.org team week notes #21

Drupal.org improvements

During the past two weeks we deployed a few Bluecheese issues (#2191021, #2194421, #1195950), accessibility issues (#2095969), Project issues (#2195621, #2184161, #2125307, #2193857, #2159429. Thanks to LewisNyman, mgifford, cafuego, tim.plunkett, trobey and Mark Carver for working on them.

Drupal.org team week notes #20

Drupal.org improvements

Last week we deployed a major improvement for issue page workflow: https://drupal.org/node/2159813. The issue edit form is back on the issue page, instead of the standard comment form. Huge thanks to webchick, Mark Carver, sanchiz, Bojhan, joachim and everyone else who worked on the issue.

Drupal.org team week notes #19

Recently we published our Tech team plan for the first quarter of 2014. To ensure that we are not only telling you about our plans, but also update on the progress as we go, we are bringing back our traditional bi-weekly ‘week notes’ posts. Welcome to the first week notes of 2014!

Drupal 7 upgrade cleanup

We managed to fix quite a few critical and major issues in the past 2 weeks. Project usage and download statistics are now fixed, text search is improving...

Drupal.org team week notes #18

Last week we were at our historical minimum for Drupal.org D7 upgrade - 36 open issues only! We did fix some and did open some more since then. Current count is 49 open issues, 70% of which are issues discovered via our BDD test runs.

Drupal.org team week notes #17

D7 upgrade stats this week: 56 open issues out of 236 total! In other words: 76,3% fixed and 23,7% to go. Test stats also look much better. 827 documented and automated scenarios for Drupal.org. 74,3% of them are passing. Visibility is around 88%, which means that roughly 12% of the steps are being skipped because they follow a step failure.

Drupal.org team week notes #16

This week our notes are all about the Drupal.org D7 upgrade.

We are currently at 70 open issues out of 212 total. Which means we fixed 68% and have 32% to go. This matches our hours spent as well. We projected 940 hours, and are currently at 68.5% spent and 31.5% left. And we do still have about half of the budget left. Though not all invoices came in yet, so this number might be a little lower. As we enter the QA phase, we expect the number of open issues to go up, which is natural.

Drupal.org team week notes #15

It's been a month since DrupalCon Portland and oh what a busy month has it been! Quick notes below.

Drupal 7 upgrade

The upgrade project slowed down due to recent events. There was limited progress for 2 weeks following the security incident as everyone was working on security hardening. We started slowly to get up to speed again last week and the open issues count should be going down again soon.

Drupal.org team week notes #14

Drupal.org D7 upgrade

The D7 upgrade project is doing pretty good! We re-started the project having 122 open issues tagged ‘Drupal.org D7’. We are currently at 84 open issues. Fixed issues count went from 320 up to 372 issues.


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