Drupal.org team week notes #10

Last week we finished migrating companies from the old Drupal services book to the new Marketplace. We are already reviewing requests to be listed in the new section. If you want to get your company listed, please follow marketplace guidelines. We still have quite a lot of open requests, so please be patient while our volunteers are going through them. Or better.. help us make it faster by reviewing some of the requests! Find out how you can help.

On Sunday the 16th we deployed the Phpass daemon onto drupal.org. And yesterday we successfully upgraded all user’ passwords to a more secure hashing system and got rid of the older, more insecure method of simple md5 hashing. This will allow our *.drupal.org websites to utilize the same password protection systems as we have in Drupal 7, even before the site upgrade is complete.

In other news, groups.drupal.org Events page is confused by timezones lately and we are looking for someone who can help us fix it.


We’ve established a new weekly push-to-prod schedule for Drupal.org. This means that people can now look forward to new features and bugfixes on the same day each week. The way it works is this: If you have an issue that is ready, tested, and needs to be pushed to production this week, have all the code on the dev and/or staging server, and have clearly written deployment instructions which encompass everything that’s changing in the database, by Tuesday at 1pm PDT (20:00 UTC) in order to make the deadline for Thursday’s push-to-prod. This gives the drupal.org production deployment team enough time to evaluate all of the upcoming changes and get them out to production without worrying about things breaking unexpectedly. If you don’t have all of your changes or improvements staged and QA’ed, and have no clearly defined set of deployment instructions, you’ll have to wait until next week’s push-to-prod.

Want to know what's happening?

We’ve created and published a new drupal.org schedule of website development events at https://drupal.org/website-schedule. Use this anytime you’d like to see what’s going on or around the drupal.org website, or to help yourself remember those important drupal.org-related meetings!

Drupal 7 upgrade status

The drupal.org upgrade has made some more progress this week in the areas of Project and Git. Specifics include the beginnings of code integration between all the teams in one Jenkins-controlled, BDD tested canonical staging server which shows us exactly what’s still not working between all the various team code. The porting of project_release code is nearing completion, and the time it takes to migrate the old project and project_issue content into the new system has been decreased by a factor of 3, resulting in far less downtime on the day of launch!

Here’s a list of D7 Upgrade issues that have been closed out during these last two weeks:
Bluecheese Team:
1. "PHP notice on various nodes in D7"
2. "The styles.css file needs a warning message at the top"

Git Team:
1. "Logic for default plugin selection needs robustification"
2. "hook_requirements failed detecting installed git version"
3. "Change naming convention for repository hooks" (gets rid of the xcvs or xsvn prefixes)
4. "Script the re-creation of all needed test user accounts and passwords for git6site"

Project Team:
1. "Update security_update_tid behavior for D7"
2. "Remove dependency on Upload"
3. "Queries for issue notification e-mail sometimes generate faulty SQL"

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