Please refer to the voting announcement for details, including criteria for who can vote.


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done my bit,

I hope the best/right person gets to do theirs :)

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Is it possible to link each nominee's name to their Drupal Association profile?

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For those of us who have a terrible memory for names you can remind yourself who is who here:

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Looking forward to seeing many of the nominees in Denver!

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This page is not for discussion of candidates. See the announcement of candidates for information on where and how to discuss candidates.

If you post feedback about a candidate it will be deleted.

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Comment made in error.

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I'm happy to report that the first two community-elected Drupal Association board members are: Steve Purkiss and Donna Benjamin! :D Congratulations, both!!

Thank you so much to all nominees for your incredible passion and enthusiasm, and to everyone who voted as part of this process! A formal announcement will follow after the board meeting tomorrow where these results will be ratified. The meeting ends at 10:30AM Pacific US time.

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Its great to have global representation on the board!