Commerce Guys, a company specializing in Ubercart based commerce solutions, has been chosen by the Drupal Association to run a Drupal branded online shop. Commerce Guys will receive a 1 year license to run the shop which will take it's place among the family of * websites.

Kieran Lal first announced the request for proposals in October 2008, and since then the Association has been busy working with potential vendors to draft a plan for a store that will be fun, profitable, sustainable, and beneficial to the community.

The shop, which will ultimately look something like this, will feature Drupal-branded apparel and schwag, books about Drupal and related topics, as well as products from other Drupal vendors. For example, training videos or whitepapers produced by individuals or Drupal service companies could potentially be sold. Schwag for specific Drupal events (such as DrupalCons), and community submitted designs will also eventually be offered.

Profits from the store will help fund the Drupal Association's efforts to support the Drupal project.