Wanted: Content Writer/Editor

TypewriterAre you are a master of the written word - able to capture the power of technology and spirit of community through website copy, blogs, newsletters and social media? Then you should apply to be the Association’s Content Writer and Editor. 

With the mission to foster our community and grow Drupal’s adoption, The Association aims to be a communication nexus, streamlining content into the marketplace to raise Drupal’s profile as well as providing our community with educational content that accelerates learning, acknowledges community contributions, and promotes The Association’s news and programs.

To achieve this goal, we are hiring a Content Writer and Editor.

This candidate will understand how to communicate to a range of audiences from software developers to business owners to the C-suite. And, s/he will be able to effectively communicate through various digital channels such as web copy, blogs, newsletters, social media, case studies, whitepapers, brochures, and other digital formats. Additionally, this candidate excels at juggling many projects, knowing how to prioritize them and manage them through the editorial process to make deadlines.

If you are someone who can capture the Drupal community’s passion and innovation and create masterful content that resonates and is consumed by its intended audiences, then you should apply to be our Content Writer & Editor.

To apply go here.

Image: Flickr user ccpixel