Drupal 8 LogoAfter a process of community input and a final choice by Dries, there is an official Drupal 8 logo! Dries unveiled the design during his keynote at DrupalCon Prague earlier today. The logo is done in a “flat” design and features an oblique number “8” inside a slightly forward-tilting drop accompanied by the Drupal wordmark. The “8” shape can also be used independent of the wordmark. The design, created by the talented folks at Mogdesign, is a fine representation of the balance of forward-looking elements and established concepts embodied by Drupal 8. The logo usage guidelines will be on Drupal.org next week. In the meantime you can grab the files here.

The branding is just one element of the Drupal 8 launch. During his keynote at DrupalCon Prague Tuesday, Dries talked about the need to create awareness among many audiences. Paul Johnson and Baris Wanschers are helping to organize community efforts that include release parties and other creative grass roots ideas. Wednesday at DrupalCon Prague, they will lead a BoF to get input and talk about ideas. Stay tuned for more from them about ways to get involved. Other marketing activities like public relations and content for Drupal.org are being organized by the Drupal Association and the Branding and Marketing Committee. If you’re interested in volunteering for those efforts, you can find more information here. Here’s to making it a great launch!


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"In the meantime you can grab the files here."  looks like lacks a link. I assumed higher resolution images in a zip or so and so :)

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Thanks for the heads up and let me know if you have any trouble! -Joe

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I didn't notice that the 8 made goofy eyes when looking at all the concepts. So I had to add a smile, crudely drawn on a track pad.


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LOL, yeah I noticed this to, someone should animate it so it roles over onto its side and the smile is drawn in ;)

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Eightcellent idea!

But not ;), more like 8)

The drop should stay motionless. The eight rolls from right to left and the 8 lays down on it's side like oo and reveals a face.

It awakens, the two eyes open up and blink once or twice, then it smiles.

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In https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1DxzWKDviOnyb1LUgHdie8meFBNDbtBVF... you wrote that branded presentation templates with the Drupal 8 branding would be available for DrupalCon Prague. That was not ready for that time. Any chance this is still in progress / going to be published?

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Hi Gabor, I got feedback that it was too late for Prague and presentations were done. It is still in the plan and will definitely be published.