PhpStorm logoWe are happy to announce today that JetBrains is supporting the Drupal Association and the Community in two new ways:                     

      1.  They have signed on as a Drupal Association Technology Partner.
      2.  The company is offering core contributors access to free licenses to its PhpStorm PHP IDE.

JetBrains has supported Open Source projects with PhpStorm licenses for quite awhile and the Association is thrilled to be able to offer the same to our community. For the Drupal project, JetBrains will offer 250 Free Open Source Licenses for PhpStorm to be distributed among Drupal 7/8 core, modules and themes contributors.

These include:


           -Drupal 8 core contributors (Top 50 contributors by number of commits to core)

           -Drupal 7 core contributors (Top 50 contributors by number of commits to core)

           -Drupal Modules contributors (Top 100 contributors by most installed)

           -Drupal Themes contributors (Top 50 contributors by most installed)

To receive the free PhpStorm Open Source license, please fill out this open source license request form. Be sure to mention your Drupal username as it will be checked against the list of top Drupal contributors. You can read more about PhpStorm and the Open Source support program by JetBrains.

Many thanks to JetBrains, we’re excited to have them as a partner!





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I want to know what will happen to the licenses already acquired under the Open Source project license. I have one for the "Image Editor for Drupal" project - - which is not in the top 100 by the most installed rating, not even in the top 1000. It will for sure be vaild for the period it was approved for - but what will happen after that? Will I be able to renew it or will it be lost cause of the agreement above?


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What about the discounts for drupal developers who have projects on

MikhailVink’s picture

There are no special discounts planned, but we will think about it. Thank you!

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Same with me (Availability calendars and Imagecache Actions). But i guess that as long as Jetbrains don't change their requirements regarding their free open source licenses, I guess we still apply for a renewal.

This thus looks more like geting some attention for their free open source licenses and their product. Which, btw, is a good thing: their IDE is currently by far the most advanced and smart IDE. I just wish sometimes that Drupal core code would have more type information, to even further improve code completion facilities and error detection. So, I am happy about this announcement.


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where this might expand, but we had to start with what data was easy to pull and maintain and would give us a discreet program to start with. This shouldn't affect any other program you are currently getting your license from in the mean time. Thanks for the comments! Let me know if you have other questions.

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Absolutely right! Thanks, Holly!

Everyone who already have open source license from us just please follow standard renewal procedure or email us and we'll find the solution. As Holly mentioned, we are just starting to standardize the program to get a discreet program to start with and this might be expanded. As I stated in some other comment, the support is not strictly limited to these 250 licenses and there definitely can be some exceptions and special conditions to proceed with Open Source licenses for some other projects as well at the discretion of our Open Source Licenses officer. Thank you!

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Licenses acquired before this agreement will be for sure valid for the period it was approved for, but afterwards we'll mostly follow the rules described in this blog post. However, there can be some exceptions and special conditions, so please email us as soon as your existing license is about to expire and we'll discuss it, there can be some additional licenses provided at the discretion of our Open Source Licenses officer. Thank you!

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It's cool. I've submitted a week ago but no reply. Should I retry ?

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Hi, I'm sorry you didn't hear back from us yet, we need some time to process all the requests, usually it takes about 1-2 weeks as every request is checked manually by our open source officer. Could you please send us an email to so that we can check that your request is received and now in the queue?

Thank you!

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I think this is awesome. JetBrains has madewonderful IDEs for over a decade now.

I was wondering why top Modules and Themes were included in the Open Source licensing but Install Profiles / Distributions which require at least equally as much contribution are not?  May I request you to reconsider adding the top 10 Install Profiles (or so)? 

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Ah a potpourri of criteria that is hard to truely assess.

I just got declined myself, and this is not a complaint per say about this, rather just a few points. I was only trying to evaluate the product and a key seemed to be required to truely test out the debugging, the only bit I really cared about, and this was the reason I applied, so I am not overly fussed being declined for this.

Maybe this is more of a response to "your contributions to the Drupal community do not rate with us" deep down :(

1) Multi-project authors

Currently the 100th project lists 44,058 users. I am sure that there will be lots of authors out there that have numbers close or higher than this if you combine their projects into one. Currently my usage stats from projects as "project author" is 33,000 (well top 7 or so of my ~30 modules tallied this).

Is it easier to maintain one or a dozen projects?

2) Multi-developer projects

The higher up the top usage list means that there are likely to be many more developers per project. Do you look at the project author or the committers? There is no way afaik that you can access the project commit rights, so there is no way to see who really is granted direct GIT access.

Two examples (for me)

Inactive author.

The Read More Control module concept was written from an individual that has no even bothered to reply to threads / emails after the first commit. Since then, the module has been 100% refactored and maintained by myself.

If this was in the top 100, would they have been granted this and not me?

Current lead developer.

The Diff module, I have been the primary coder for the Drupal 7.x branch (top 50), rewriting about 1/4 of the module for better field management. But as the point below, this wasn't that hard as lots fo help from others users assessing patches and various "starts" from other developers that I was able to integrate in. This probably reduced the workload by 30% and provided better peace of mind when commiting big patches.

3) Non-author contrib.

Once you hit about the 1,000 user mark, it actually becomes easier to maintain the projects as you start getting help from other developers. Obscure bug reports start getting accurate descriptions on how to replicate rather than just "it throws a fatal error here...".

You do start getting some issues related to obscure module combinations, albeit these are relatively few.

4) Little or no support for the obscure

Well down the module list there is little support nor thanks for work completed, yet it is these modules that make Drupal truly great. For nearly any use-case there is a module that fits or nearly fits the requirements.

I have personally started to drop any of these if the user base is low, as these are too time consumming to maintain.

Taxiselect was one such example that I dropped supporting, a module that does a singular query to access nested Drupal taxonomy data.

i.e. Searching for London in a regional taxonomy autocomplete, you would get this from Drupal


But with this module you got

London, England
London, Ontario, Canada
London, Arkansas, USA

Testing was done on the GeoNames DB (5 million records) where you could not even maintain this via Drupal's core taxonomy system even with massive memory and timeout limits, but this module happily queried this data in a fast efficient manor.

This query still ranks as the most complicated SQL that I have seen in Drupal, maybe with the exception of having to altered Views search index using multiple search terms with multiple node access controls in play... (well, that SQL would not be that hard if everything integrated seemlessly rather than crazy SQL that is just near impossible to fix... Make distinct == "select distinct nid,b,c" rather than "group by nid", etc).

This module will never seen the light of day in Drupal 7 as it was such a targeted user-base meant that it was not worth supporting anymore. Paid 5 hr to create / modify, spendt 50 hr+ maintining, never personaly used it myself.

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I've tried to renew my open source license and it was refused. JebBrains told me that only listed contributors are eligible. I don't see any exception other than a 20% discount. I'm co-maintainer of the CKEditor module (#15 most popular) but I was refused because my name does not figure in an unknown list.

I personnally don't think this restriction makes PhpStorm OS program better.

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I was not sure how to fill out the form, so I did:


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I, too, was refused. I had no problem renewing the license before but now I have to be on some unknown list? This doesn't look good. I'd consider buying the license since it's a great program but there're similar options available elsewhere with maybe some additional work and for free.

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This link doesn't work any more, can we get the correct link?:

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Sorry for the delay - we got the link updated. Thanks for catching the change.

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I have requested a license, and i am just waiting for months for an answer and nothing. And those criterias are just unfair. Drupal is drupal because all the people that works on it, and your criteria means that if i not work in a module that is popular i do not contribute, so i must drop all my work in other modules and just choose one that is popular? Even working in a module with 129k install for drupal 7 is not enought to get and answer. I really like phpstorm, as it has one of the best support for drupal that i know.