Drupal.org Software Working Group: First update

Almost a month ago Drupal.org Working Groups were announced. I bet some of you are curious what we’ve been up to since then! Here is the first update from the Software Working Group.

Scheduling anything for our WG is a challenge, because members are located across 3 continents. But the 4 of us (eliza411, drumm, kim.pepper and I) managed to get together for our initial meeting couple of weeks ago. Angie was greatly missed! We discussed various process and infrastructure questions. Some of the outcomes from our discussions:

The central place for all information about our Working Group is Governance section on Drupal.org: https://drupal.org/governance/drupalorg-working-groups/software

Our monthly meetings will happen on last Tuesday (or Wednesday in some parts of the world) of the month. We’ll publish a blog post summary with a link to meeting minutes after each meeting.

We’ll tag any issues we’re working on with the ‘Drupal.org Software WG’ tag.

What we are going to do next?

For the rest of 2013 we are planning to concentrate on the following 3 projects:

  • Better process/workflow for Drupal.org development
    Where do we collect ideas/feature requests? How do we plan, implement, test and deploy new features?
  • Better maintenance for *.d.o
    Who are all the volunteer teams maintaining different parts of *.d.o? Where are there gaps? What processes and tools do they use?
  • Helping get sub-sites on D7
    What are all the sub-sites? Which need to be upgraded to D7? What is the status of upgrades? How can we help?

We’ll expand more on these projects, what exactly we mean, and how will we tackle them in our future updates.

Due to time constraints we also had to start planning for 2014 right away (in order to align with the Drupal Association’s budgeting process for the next year and ensure we get a little budget of our own). So this week we’re having ‘virtual retreat’ to get rough plan for 2014 together, beginning with projects and priorities that have already been identified, but postponed due to D7 upgrade. We’ll get a sense of what the DA can realistically fund for the next year and continue our planning during a in-person meeting at DrupalCon Prague. We will share our draft 2014 plans as soon as we can!

Flickr photo: lumaxart