Next Drupal Global Training Day is December 14!

The Drupal Association once again is partnering with training companies around the world to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal. Please help us spread the word to make our last event of the year on December 14, 2012 a success. 

These free or low cost training events will be offered one last time in the 2012 calender year on December 14, with one of two curriculums:

  • "Introduction to Drupal," a full day training training on the basics of Drupal. Attendees will successfully build a Drupal site. It is ideal for those interested in exploring Drupal as a career path.
  • What is Drupal?” This half-day workshop will address the basics of Drupal, and will give an overview to those interested in evaluating or implementing Drupal.

Help us spread the word

One of the best ways to expand the program is to tweet and blog about these events!  Use #learndrupal and spread the word about course(s) near you. A sample tweet:  December 14 is Global #Drupal Training Day!  Come learn about the best open source CMS sytem #learndrupal!

Event locations

For a listing of all events being held on that day across the globe:

Calling all Trainers

If you are a trainer and would like to join in, it's still not too late.

Thank you to those of you who have participated with us in this initiative to expand the Drupal community. We at the Drupal Association appreciate all of your support this December as well as over the past year, helping us succeed in three other great Global Training Day events.