Drupal.org team week notes #12

Past month(s) we all have been very busy working on Drupal 7 upgrade of our website. Below are latest updates on the project status from Joel ‘Senpai’ Farris.

Drupal 7 upgrade


We had several sprints: at the end of October in Seattle, WA for the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, and in Portland, OR at OpenSourcery’s offices (http://groups.drupal.org/node/262558), then again in early November each day at the BADcamp. There was a little bit of work accomplished at the PNWDS sprint, some good stuff relating to ApacheSolr and the project_solr module happened at the Portland sprint, and a lot of great work surrounding the last six remaining contrib modules happened at the BADcamp sprint. The Diff module has reached a stable release, as well as Machine Name. Entity Reference and Entity API are 98% release-able as well, Field Collection has no criticals left, and Materialized Views is no longer needed for drupal.org so we took it off the list.

Current status

As of now we are hoping to finish D7 upgrade sometime in the early new year. According to most recent re-estimates of the modules and related tie-ins we have several hundreds hours of work still remaining on the Project* suite, which is blocking Git and other teams.

We also discovered that for performance reasons we need to conclude the Search API discussion. It is lively and challenging, and will cost us an unexpected ~80 hours of additional development, but currently seems to be the only way to have searchable issue queues in D7.

Demo site

At the BADcamp we invited everyone to take a look at our progress on the Drupal 7 demo site. Right now that site is temporarily down due to some problematic SQL queries that are threatening to take down drupal.org itself. We are going to restore it once we’ve identified and fixed the performance of all those queries.

Other initiatives

While D6 Drupal.org is currently on “feature and code freeze”, we managed to do one last deployment and finish long lasting community initiative. Thanks to LoMo and jhodgdon we now have new Books section within the Marketplace and new book listing content type. Previously we had a set of documentation pages with information about Drupal books. This new dynamic listing will be filterable, making it easier to find the book you need. Right now new section is empty, we expect it to be filled with content in the next few days.


We would like to say thanks to Drupal Association Volunteers and Supporting Partners, who have made Drupal.org improvements possible. The Supporting Partner Program crowd sources funds that pay for the development team’s time and Drupal.Org hosting costs. And volunteers are a key part of our team. They donate huge amounts of time and talent to help us make Drupal.org better.

Originally posted at: http://groups.drupal.org/node/268398