Drupal.org team week notes #11

We all have been waiting for this.. Drupal.org upgrade project is entering QA stage! Over 190 people already signed up to be A/B testers. Announcement has been updated with further instructions, make sure to check it.

In other upgrade news - the Bluecheese team got more volunteers now with new people joining last week and team's issue queue is active again!

The Project team had a lot of progress in the past 2 weeks and fixed issues like:

Drupal 6

Last 2 weeks we’ve been busy with some final clean-ups to the Marketplace. Read more about Marketplace updates and changes in the news post. Hopefully we have 1 more deployment this or next week and after that Drupal.org D6 development will be frozen.


We are working on improvements to Webmaster’s queue and processes, to make them more organized and efficient. This will be multi-step discussion and first part already started. If you are Drupal.org webmaster, please take time to read and give your feedback. Or better - edit associated issue’s summary and add your name to one of the teams.


We would like to say thanks to Drupal Association Volunteers and Supporting Partners, who have made Drupal.org improvements possible. The Supporting Partner Program crowd sources funds that pay for the development team’s time and Drupal.Org hosting costs. And volunteers are a key part of our team. They donate huge amounts of time and talent to help us make Drupal.org better.

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