Global Training Day: A Big Success!

In the third installment of the Drupal Global Training Day initiative as set forth by the Association’s Board, there was amazing success and growth. Drupal evangelists the world over stepped up to the plate providing free or low cost training events to their local communities.

The September 14 event included 32 participating companies expanding the world of Drupal with trainings both online and in 16 different countries to over 400 participants. Some companies held events in multiple cities, while others broke ground on introducing Drupal to their countries and communities. New regions were reached including 14 events in Asia Pacific, with 8 events in India alone!

Exciting Global Training Day September Facts:

Training companies signed up 32
Training events 36
Individual participants Over 500
Countries 16

There were some great conversations and moments captured on Twitter. Check out #learndrupal to see the days activity. Some trainers such as Ryan Cross of CrossFunctional marketed waiving the training fee to encourage the $30 membership fee to the Drupal Association; for that we are greatly appreciative! Thanks Ryan!

For a look into what Global Training Day is all about, check out some of our trainers blogs including:
Tekriti in Dehli, India
Nuvole in Parma, Italy
ProPeople in Moldova

Sign up for the December Training Day

The last Global Training day of the year on December 14. Trainers sign up today!   If you would like to spread the word to participants we will list events and keep updating the map on the Learn Drupal page!


Wow - that's fantastic. I'm so excited to see this initiative taking off and spreading it's wings. Thanks for the report Marta. Looking forward to reading through all the posts you linked to here.


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