We are all excited about DrupalCon Munich, and while everybody is working hard to assure a successful and awesome European DrupalCon in August, at the same time, the team for DrupalCon São Paulo is beginning with it’s work. Besides the continuing DrupalCon team from the Drupal Association, new volunteers from the community are on board and working for the first DrupalCon in Latin America. Let me present to you the leads of each group of volunteers:

Content lead 

José San Martin from Campinas, Brazil is programmer, Drupal developer and co-founder of Chuva Inc. He was involved in the organization of the first two DrupalCamps in Brazil and his company is a regular sponsor for Drupal events in Brazil. His first DrupalCon was Szeged 2008 where he started liking the overall spirit of DrupalCon and the Drupal community. Having DrupalCon in São Paulo means for him that the DrupalCon model is growing and maturing. He is looking forward to a smaller and warmer DrupalCon in Brazil. As the content lead, José is going to define, together with his team, the axes of the content that is going to be presented at the São Paulo DrupalCon’s sessions, setting the main topics and focus of DrupalCon and integrating it nicely with the South American community, as well as the D8 feature freeze. 

Community lead

Felix Delattre (xamanu) lives in Managua, Nicaragua and works globally as a Freelancer. He is a Drupal allrounder, doing programming, theming and leading Drupal projects. Besides maintaining some contrib modules, he initiated the Central American Drupal community and was co-organizer of the first Drupal Summit Latino in Peru. His first DrupalCon was Szeged, Hungary, in 2008 where he was impressed by the community and the fever for collaborative progress for Drupal. He is very excited about having DrupalCon in Latin America, a part of the world where very recently many companies and public institutions are waking up, using Drupal for their needs and strong communities were born constantly in almost all countries within the last two years. This makes it special giving a great chance for many people in the growing active local Drupal user groups and the the whole world to get inspired by the spirit of a DrupalCon, having the opportunity to grow professionally and getting motivated to participate actively in the community.

Website content lead

Dustin Boeger (dboeger) lives in Davis, California, USA and as a site-builder and themer, he is lead web developer for a state organization. He has been active in the Sacramento Drupal User Group and participated in the organization of DrupalCamps in California. His first DrupalCon was Denver in 2012 and he enjoyed the spirit of being a volunteer during the conference. As a writer who came to web development he is interested in the joining part of different disciplines with Drupal. For DrupalCon in São Paulo, Dustin is leading the website content editing team which will provide all the information published on the event’s website.

Website system lead

Joaquín Bravo Contreras (jackbravo) is from Guadalajara, México and co-founder of AXAI, one of the first Drupal shops in his country. When he went to his first DrupalCon in Boston in 2008 he realized the versatility of Drupal. Today he definitely can say that he “came for the code and stayed for the community.” In Mexico, he is active in building the emerging local community and sharing knowledge and skills he gains from the worldwide Drupal community in Spanish. Joaquín was also co-organizer of the second Drupal Summit Latino. For DrupalCon São Paulo, Joaquín is going to lead the website build and he sees it as the perfect opportunity for recontributing to COD.

Design lead

Ricardo Chang (rcechang) lives in Lima, Peru and works at project manager at Softwin. He is one of the most active Drupalers in the community of Peru and he loves Drupal because of it's beauty of code and the way of extending it. São Paulo is going to be his first DrupalCon and he is is looking forward to meeting in person Drupalistas from all over the world. He sees DrupalCon as a great opportunity for learning more about Drupal and living the community. The whole design appearance for DrupalCon São Paulo, print as well as online, is going to be created by Ricardo and his team, joining the impression of the City of São Paulo and Drupal together into a new design for the DrupalCon.

The Drupal Association provides the constant and marvelous work for all the DrupalCons, for São Paulo their team consists of Neil Kent, Stephanie El-Hajj, Marta Betts and Megan Sanicki.

Extraordinary thanks and congratulations go out to Cary GordonFabiano Sant'Ana and Fernando P. García who were the driving factors in getting DrupalCon São Paulo launched.

Call for Papers, Trainings and Scholarship Applications Open 

Share what you know and choose your lingo! We are actively soliciting session proposals in Portuguese, Spanish, and/or English. 


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Hi São Paulo team. I love seeing this post and especially photos. Faces! Thanks in advance for all your efforts.

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Looking forward to working with you all to help ensure DrupalCon Sao Paulo is a resounding success! Helping organise a DrupalCon is a challenging but ultimately hugely rewarding experience. Good luck and enjoy the journey.



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Yaaaaaaaay!!!! So exciting. Good luck. Sure it's going to be an amazing event!

The first DrupalCon in the Southern Hemisphere!!