Developers needed - Help us make awesome, improve Cod, and much more

This summer the Drupal Association is tacklng a number of initiatives to make awesome and to improve Cod for use at DrupalCon. To help complete these initiatives we're looking for a few good developers to jump in and help out. As an open source project there are many ways you can be a part of the team. Review the projects we're working on and choose the one that's right for you:

DrupalCon: Improvements to Cod

The Conference Organizing Distribution better known as Cod is the distribution used for the DrupalCon website. We are currently upgrading the distribution to Drupal 7 for use at DrupalCon Munich, DrupalCon Sao Paulo, DrupalCon Portland, and DrupalCon Europe 2013 (TBA). The distribution is also used by many DrupalCamps. This is a great opportunity to not only get involved in an awesome distribution but also help out the websites of the community's conferences and camps.

The Team
has generously donated the project management time of Heather.
Acquia is providing the time of lead Cod maintainer Ezra G.
We currently have a great team of developers including Florian, Thomas, Tyler Ward, and Sheldon Kreger - they have gotten us far down the road but we have room for more folks.

Want to jump in? Contact Heather, Ezra G, or dive into the Cod Issue Queue

Upgrade to Drupal 7

We are in the midst of upgrading to Drupal 7. This has been a long time coming and the upgrade will help us make significant improvements to our community's home. our goal is to launch on Drupal 7 before DrupalCon Munich but we can't do it without your help.

The Team
Joel Farris (senpai) is the lead Project Manager
3281d (dww, hunmonk, mikey_p
Tag1 Consulting (bdragon, nnewton)
Opensourcery (eliza411)
Transparatech (sdboyer, senpai)
Four Kitchens (dianadupuis, DiscoFK, CoffeeIV, ChinggizKhan, mirzu, rupl)
and, of course, the DA's own Neil Drumm.

This is a great opportunity to make an impact on and work alongside some great minds in our community.

Ready to get involved? Contact senpai or jump into the issue queue. Upgrades

In parallel to our upgrade project we are also improving the tools and pages on Lisa Rex and Ezra G have made significant progress in the last few weeks improving the Events page and Case Studies page. Lomo is working on a new version of the books page and there are many new features and functionality that is being worked on. Learn more

Tatiana (tvn) is the project coordinator for these projects. 

Want to get involved? Contact tvn or jump straight into the issue queue

Volunteer, Paid, or Donation? 

We're looking for all three. At the moment we are primarily looking for volunteers, donations of time from employers, and contractors. We are also accepting applications for full and part-time developer positions with more positions coming soon. 

Attn: Drupal Businesses! Want to give back to a community that has given you so much?Jump-in and work on one of these projects - Get in touch and we'll help walk you through the steps of getting involved. 


I have already built several COD style sites using modules I mention here:

I would highly suggest moving the effort to commerce! Far more flexible.

Just wanted to point out ThinkShout's efforts on the Entity Registration module, which we're very actively working on with the community, including the COD team, to make it the Signup solution for Drupal 7. We're happy to continue helping out however we can.

It's sad when some people contributing as volunteers are not mentioned.

That is not good, please let me know who we missed so we can highlight their work. I tried to list everyone but it looks like a few slipped through the cracks. Send me their names so we can recognize and highlight their work.

This is a great opportunity to not only get involved in an awesome distribution but also help out the websites of the community's conferences and camps.
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