Drupal Association Launches New Supporting Partner Program

The Drupal Association is pleased to announce a new Supporting Partner Program to allow a company to invest in Drupal Association community initiatives that will significantly help the overall Drupal community. Examples include funding for Drupal.org improvements, including the recent sprint that started the upgrade process of Drupal.org to Drupal 7, and hiring a web development team to make improvements on Drupal.org for web developers, site builders and businesses.  

The inaugural list of Supporting Partners includes active Drupal Community members that have already been contributing funds and volunteer hours in many ways, including contributions to the project and community through code, camp leadership, documentation, and work in the issue queue, as well as sponsoring DrupalCons.

Thank you to our new Supporting Partners:

Achieve Internet
Amazee Labs
Aten Design Group
Blink Reaction
Consult & Design International
Duo Consulting
Evolving Web
ImageX Media
Jackson River
Phase2 Technology
The Cherry Hill Company

“The Supporting Partner program is a new chapter for the Drupal Association by providing a method for companies to solidify their commitment not only to the Association, but the Drupal community as a whole," said Jacob Redding, Executive Director of the Drupal Association. "The financial commitments made by these companies will allow us to educate more people about Drupal through more events, fund more initiatives on Drupal.org, and more consistently support our community by building better tools for collaboration on Drupal.org, and making it easier for people to find the right modules, snippets, or themes for their project. We’ve already made a significant amount of headway in the past several months, and now the momentum will continue.”

Supporting partners benefits include an early signup period for events and programs, a 10% DrupalCon sponsorship discounts, and more. See the complete program benefits.  

Thank you to the supporting partners for contributing to Drupal's growth. Learn how you can become a Supporting Partner. Contact Megan Sanicki today.

-The Entire Team at the Drupal Association