Seven projects in five countries have been awarded almost $10,000 in grants from the Drupal Association to grow the Drupal community through camps, code sprints and open source curriculum.

The Drupal Community Cultivation Grants launched in June 2011 with the goal of transforming, supporting and educating Drupal communities around the world. The first grant cycle ended on July 31st with 14 projects applying for a total of $38,266.

Recipients include individuals, local user groups, regional Drupal Camps, and the Drupal multilingual initiative. The full list is below.

If you have a project that would help grow the Drupal Community, round two of the grant cycle is open now and the deadline is September 30th 2011. Full details of the criteria and application process are at

The Drupal Community Cultivation Grants are provided by the Drupal Association, a pilot grant program that seeks to transform, support and educate Drupal communities around the world. Through a limited number of grants, we are seeking to support current and future organizers and leaders of Drupal Camps, Drupal Meetups, Drupal Sprints and other creative projects that are spreading information within the Drupal community and educating individuals outside the community about Drupal. Grant awards range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per project and are funded directly through our membership program. All listings below are in US Dollars.

Grant Cycle One Recipients

Drupal Camp New Hampshire 2011 - $1500
After a popular camp for people new to Drupal in 2010, the New Hampshire Drupal user group are putting on a much larger camp with 200+ attendees.

Drupal Community Intro Training - $1200
The Drupal Open Curriculum requested support to upgrade the open source curriculum to Drupal 7.

Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative - $1300
The grant will cover travel and accommodation for the Montreal-based internationalization sprint for several attendees who do not have the financial means to attend. Internationalization of Drupal is important for growing its adoption in non-English speaking communities.

Drupal Camp Western New York 2011 - $1350
This will be the first Drupal Camp in Western New York. The grant will support free or low-cost admission for attendees and bringing in a high profile speaker.

Drupal Discovery Day, Brighton - $1000
This event will introduce people to Drupal in this tech-heavy city during the Brighton Digital Festival.

Drupal Camp Berlin 2011 - $1710
This well established Drupal Camp is looking to grow and attract some high profile speakers.

Drupal Camp Singapore 2011 - $1800
This will be the first Drupal Camp in Singapore, and the organizers will use the grant to bring in an international speaker.

The Selection Process

The selection process was carried out by the three chairs of the Drupal Community Cultivation Grants group:

In addition to meeting the requirements for grants outlined at, the decisions and amounts awarded were prioritized by the number of people benefiting from each grant, and helping communities where Drupal has been less represented.


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Thanks from Brighton Area Drupal Association!

I felt most of the material available at the moment is fairly technical and also quickly becomes out-of-date so I applied for the grant in order to create marketing material which would help promote Drupal and our Drupal Discovery Day, and be generic and timeless enough to be of use and value to the community at large.

We've made this short three minute video with the help of local filmmakers Larchmont Films. We made it so people can change the card at the end to tailor for their own use and feel it is great to have something which appeals to our local market and their particular requirements.

We'll do a write-up about it soon, just thought you might like to see what we made:

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the genius of drupal step in building networks across the world. spirit of lampeace , a lover of drupal