This Friday, February 24, 2012 many of our community leaders are hosting low-cost or free Drupal Trainings through a new initiative we are forming called Drupal Days. While the Drupal Association will officially launch its Drupal Days program in June, 2012, the Drupal Association is very pleased and encouraged to see trainings taking place this week all over the world. This is a key initiative for the association to promote Drupal even more broadly this year. Drupal Days are full and half-day trainings introducing people to Drupal, or those wanting to learn more.

These trainings are ideal for anyone wanting to learn more on Drupal, including IT Leads, IT Engineers, Sysadmins, Webmasters, Web Editors, Content Creators and more. Or perhaps a company that has recently switched to Drupal and needs to learn more.

Drupal Day Trainings that are happening around the world on February 24th, 2012:
Leuven, Belgium
Bordeaux, France
Dublin, Ireland
Kawasaki, Japan
Nairobi, Kenya
Dakar, Senegal
Saint-Louis, Senegal
Geneva, Switzerland
Kampala, Uganda
Brighton, UK

Boston, MA - Burlington
Boston, MA - Waltham
Chicago, IL  
Los Angeles, CA
Orlando, FL
Portland, OR
Washington, DC
Washington, DC

Get Involved!
Are you a training organization or a well-organized community leader? We’d love to see you involved in the next Drupal Days coming this June. We want to bring Drupal to new developers, engineers, themers, designers, end-users, and future community-organizers to our community but we need your help. Get involved by participating in the open discussion happening now.

Stay tuned for future dates for more Drupal Days trainings in June, September and December 2012.  You can find Drupal trainings year round from many partners around the world at
There will also be many trainings at DrupalCon Denver, (March 19-23) in Denver, and DrupalCon Munich, (August 20-24), 2012.