Today we announced a fundraising program designed to build out new improvements on I'd like to take a few steps back and tell you why that I think a membership program is important to the Association and to the Drupal community. You can choose to become a member of number of organizations and an even larger number of organizations will accept your donation. So why should you become a member of the Drupal Association, forking over your hard earned cash? 

We ask ourselves this everytime we put out a tweet about membership or ask you to become a member when signing up for DrupalCon. Asking you to become a member of the Drupal Association is about much more than the 22 Euros/$30 USD that a membership costs. Membership is about Identity, Feedback, Support, and Strength. 

Cultural Identity

The Drupal Association is a non-profit dedicated to supporting the Drupal community and project. We run educational events such as DrupalCon, trainings on Drupal, along with code and documentation sprints. We also support community-backed upgrades on such as the migration to Git, and the end to +1 subscribes. A strong membership base keeps us close to the community we support. The Association does not exist without you, the Drupal community, and we want that to be reflected throughout our organization. 

Being supported by our community is built into our DNA, it is our identity.

Feedback Loop

Members provide a vital connection to our governance process. We listen intently to what you say and we use this information to gauge our effectiveness and to constantly review our strategy. If we are effective you (our members) will continue to support us, if we slip you'll find a better organization to support. We will always work hard to maintain your trust and support. 

A strong connection to our community maintains an effective feedback loop.

Supporting each other

Born from and guided by the Drupal community the Drupal Association is about people helping people. The Association provides networking opportunities, connects community members, and uses the power of our numbers to provide things such as discounts to frequently used development tools, software platforms, and books to enable you to work smarter and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket.

If you are successful we are successful.

Strength in Numbers

You are the face of Drupal. You are the community. You are the reason people use Drupal. 

We are here to support your efforts and extend your reach. A strong membership base helps us to amplify your message by demonstrating that the Drupal Community is robust, healthy, and growing. We want the world to know and learn about the great software that the Drupal community has built. As the saying goes "there is strength in numbers" and we use those numbers to demonstrate the power of the Drupal community and Open Source Software (OSS).

Transparency in our commitment to you

Of course this is a financial transaction and one that we treat with the highest regard. We have a commitment to being an organization as transparent as the code on We hold monthly Town Hall meetings, release our financials annually, and continually build new methods to become a truly transparent organization.

I am very proud and excited that our newest membership drive raising funds for improvements to is a dynamically transparent process automagically updating the amount of funds raised. As the funds are spent we will post the amounts so you know that your hard earned cash went directly to educating the world about the Drupal project and building a better home for your open source community.


The importance of membership

I'm not going to prance around the fact that your membership provides a valuable revenue source for the organization but we see your membership as much more than a financial transaction. As a member you have become a closer part of the Drupal family, someone that might have come for the software but stayed for the community.