• About Me:
    Hassan Bawab is the Founder and CEO of Magic Logix, an interactive digital marketing agency in Dalla
  • About Me:
    Im a 39 (gentle)man that lives in copenhagen Denmark - I run the shop geek Royale that is a Theme &a
  • About Me:
    With over 12 years of system architecture, web programming, database design and information architec
  • About Me:
    Open Source software developer, advocate for open strategies in Government and Non-Profit sectors,
  • About Me:
    I have been teaching for over a decade in traditional face-to-face environments at brick and mortar
  • About Me:
    I am working at enterprise level with Drupal and I am employed in Wellnet an italian Drupal shop, pr
  • About Me:
    I have ove 20 years experience n the software development industry building app dev systems, tools a
  • About Me:
    I have experience in non-profit management and board experience.
  • About Me:
    Calvin is a dedicated executive with over 20 years of experience managing products, sales, marketing
  • About Me:
    Web developer of 12 years turned social trep, with experience in marketing, management, and boards.
  • About Me:
    I'm an open source geek.
  • About Me:
    Been Drupalling for years now after I converted my old homepage.
  • About Me:
    I am the Web Architect and Lead Developer at Wisconsin Public Radio.

Community "At Large" Elections

Here are the candidates for the community elections for At Large Directors for the 2014 Board of the Drupal Association. Review their nomination statements, ask a question in the comments, or come to a "Meet the Candidates" Session.

Session One
Wed 11 Sep 2013 at 00:00 UTC

  • 5 PM PST Tue 10 Sep, US and Canada
  • 8 PM EST Tue 10 Sep, US and Canada
  • 9 PM Tue 10 Sep, Sao Paulo Brasil
  • 1 AM Wed 11 Sep, London
  • 8 AM Wed 11Sep, Beijing
  • 10am Wed 11 Sep, Sydney Australia

Session Two
Thu 12 Sep 2013 at 16:00 UTC

  • 9 AM PST Thu 12 Sep, US and Canada
  • 12 noon EST Thu 12 Sep, US and Canada
  • 1 PM Thu 12 Sep, Sao Paulo Brasil
  • 5 PM Thu 12 Sep, London
  • 00:00 AM Fri 13 Sep, Beijing
  • 2 AM Fri 13 Sep, Sydney Australia