Drupal Picchu

Drupal has been growing rapidly in all corners of the world. The benefits of this global growth are:

  • Technical: many talented individuals can contribute to the Drupal project.
  • Organizational: a more balanced governance can foster a stronger community.
  • Financial: international partnerships can create attractive business opportunities.
  • Social: these opportunities can have a huge impact on people's lives everywhere.

In Latin America, in 2013 alone, over 2000 people participated in DrupalCamps:

This amazing growth demonstrates the enthusiasm and perseverance of this multicultural community in Latin America.

It's with this spirit that we invite you to attend DrupalPicchu 2014, to take place in Cusco, Peru on January 20-24, 2014.

DrupalPicchu will be the first international Drupal community event to take place in Latin America and has received huge support from the local and global community.

DrupalPicchu's program includes Workshops, Dev-days, and 6 Summits:

  • Community Summit: participants will be able to share their experiences and best practices on fostering community growth and engagement.
  • Business Summit: in an ever more competitive and globalized economy, learn how businesses can collaborate with each other to achieve success.
  • Media Summit: the creative use of social media and rich media can help spread ideas faster and communicate them in a more effective manner.
  • Education Summit: education is key to changing the world for better. So how exactly can technology help revolutionize education and the world?
  • Non-profit Summit: learn how non-profits are using the Web to promote awareness, to build fundraising campaigns, and to make a difference.
  • Government Summit: participants will be able to share experiences on using open source software and open data to create a more transparent government.

Additionally, Peru offers many cultural and touristic attractions, including the world famous Machu Picchu. Cultural activities are planned to happen before, during, and after the event, so the whole family is encouraged to come.

Join us along the Inca Trail and up towards Machu Picchu! Come and celebrate with us the freedom and cultural diversity of the Drupal community at the very top!

Photo Credits: Nomadic Samuel


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I just want to let you know that talk submissions are now open for DrupalPicchu!


Please submit your session proposal from November 1st till November 29th. Results will be published on December 1st!

Thank you so much!

Kind regards,

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I think this event looks great! Thanks a lot to everyone involved.

See you in Perú!