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Community Cultivation Grants: put a little octane in the tank to get your community going

Getting things off the ground in any open source community is a challenge.  Beyond motivation, you need some resources to help get things moving with outreach and educational programs. To help you overcome some of the barriers, the Drupal Association has been piloting the Community Cultivation Grant program, drawing on the same awesome attitude that has earned the Drupal Community its community-oriented reputation within the open source universe. 

Application Process Opens Today For Drupal Community Cultivation Grants

Program Seeks to bolster community education and growth with new process

Building on a successful 2011 pilot program, the Drupal Association is opening a new application process for Drupal Community Cultivation Grants. The grants will assist organizers and leaders within the community that seek to transform, support, and educate Drupal communities around the world. The 2011 program awarded more than $20,000 to 17 projects all over the world in support of camps, training, sprints and a publication.

Announcing Drupal Community Cultivation Grants

The Drupal Association is pleased to announce a new pilot grant program that seeks to transform, support, and educate Drupal communities around the world. Through a limited number of Drupal Community Cultivation Grants, we are seeking to support current and future organizers and leaders of DrupalCamps, Drupal Meetups, Drupal Sprints, and other creative projects who are spreading information within the Drupal community and educating individuals outside the community about Drupal.

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