Drupal Association Partner & Promotional Opportunities

The drupal.org/hosting is made up of three pages: Shared Hosting, Enterprise & Managed, and PaaS (Platform as a Service), which are paid listings. All funds help the Drupal Association pay for Community Grants, DrupalCon Scholarships, and Drupal.org hosting fees.

Hosts who contribute to the community can apply for a free listing in the Services section of the Drupal.org Marketplace.

Shared Hosts

The Shared Hosting section offers six advertising spots. Each host pays the Drupal Association an affiliate commission and commits to a minimum monthly guarantee.

As of April 15, 2013, a host must pass our security test before signing or renewing their contract with the Drupal Association. The criteria includes:

  • They have a "1 click installer" of Drupal that is the most recent version
  • Our security review volunteer verifies they pass all security review module tests with two exceptions: The warning about errors being displayed to users and the warning about file permissions/ownerships.

Enterprise and Platform as a Service

These two sections are being updated. They include paid hosts who are Organization Members. The section: "Other Great Hosts" will be moved to the Drupal.org Marketplace and the security test criteria is being determined. Other Great Hosts is a section of hosts who contribute to the community. Pricing for ads on each page are listed below:

  • $500/month (Enterprise/Managed Host)
  • $500/month (Platform as a Service)

To apply, contact don@association.drupal.org

Ad Specifications

All ads are placed on a #f6f6f2 background. Transparent PNGs are recommended instead of a white background. A note about our advertising policy will be placed below or nearby.

Ad location: drupal.org/hosting, drupal.org/hosting/paas, drupal.org/hosting/enterprise

Image: max 120 × 120 px, PNG or JPG; provide alt text and URL link.

Headline: Max 50 characters

Text: Max 150 characters: <strong>, <em>, <a>, and 2 <br> tags are allowed, and not counted against the max characters.

URL: Provide a URL that is linked to the graphic and header. Can also link to key words in text upon request.

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