The list of candidates for the Drupal Association's 2012 elections of "at large" directors is now posted. Voting is scheduled to begin February 3rd and will be announced on

Please use the links on the candidates page to view each candidate's profile. You may ask questions of individual candidates by posting comments on their profiles.

To open discussion or pose questions of all candidates, please use the Drupal association group at If opening a new discussion, please preface the title with "At large elections:" so it's easily recognized.

We're also working on scheduling all candidates meetings and will post details to the Drupal association group.


  • Endorsements clutter up discussion. Instead, pose questions that you and others can learn from. Please don't comment only to endorse a particular candidate.
  • Please avoid negative comments about candidates. Any comments containing personal criticism will be unpublished.


The nominations period was originally scheduled to close Jan. 26th. As we had only two candidates for the two open positions as that deadline loomed, the election committee decided to extend nominations by three days and posted an announcement to to try and further get the word out. A total of 12 nominations were received, of which 3 2 were withdrawn by their applicants, bringing the total number of nominees for 2012 to 9 10, in alphabetical order:

Amendment Jan 31 2012: Note that on January 29, just before nominations were made public, Kevinjohn Gallagher notified the Elections Committee that there may be a potential conflict of interest in his application which he needed to get cleared up and asked that his nomination remain unpublished until such time as he could get clarification. Resolution for this was found on Jan 31, 2012, so his application was published by the Elections Committee on that date.

Please review the list of nominees and get the discussion going!

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Could you put the Drupal username after the candidate name. Would make it easier to know who is behind the name :)

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My name is toddtomlinson -- unique I know :-)

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Good suggestion. Done! :)

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Note: I have just added Kevinjohn Gallagher to the nominees list, bringing the total list of candidates to 10.

Kevinjohn Gallagher submitted his application on January 29, 2012, within the extended application deadline. A few hours later, he sent an email to me notifying me (as a member of the elections committee) of a potential conflict of interest with publicly talking about some of his cited work experience and noted that he might need to quickly remove his nomination. I interpreted that as "remove the nomination until the COI possibility is cleared up," which it wasn't until earlier today, on Jan 31, 2012. Kevinjohn asked for his application to be reinstated, and in talking with the rest of the Elections Committee we agreed to grant this reinstatement, since his original request was misinterpreted as a request to cancel his candidacy when it was actually a notification that cancellation may need to occur.

Really sorry for he mix-up, Kevinjohn, and all the other nominees. :(